This Capt we have now don’t have any sympathy on us,

Pine Camp, N.Y.

May 20, 1943

Dear Ben,

I got a letter from Ann today. She said you was sick. I hope you are OK by now. As this would be bad time of year to be laid up.

We are still here in Pine Camp. All ready to move and yet don’t no when or where. Myself I believe we will be here for a few weeks yet.

The weather has been swell the last few days nice and warm. We haven’t been doing much of anything since I got back some drilling, lots of inspections though ones and I mean plenty tough. This Capt we have now don’t have any sympathy on us, we are always doing extra duty. This week we have to drill one hour after supper for seven days with rifle its not too much fun.

During the day we havne’t had it bad, played three soft ball games this week we won one game and lost two. Our Capt. Had $10.00 bet on us today ans we lost. I’ll bet it will be hell to pay for us ball players tomorrow. I play center field.

Ann said it was still raining in Mich, Its been raining some here but not too bad.

Well I hope you are feeling in ship shape when you get this letter.

Its a good thing Art is there to do your work for you.

Good Bye


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