I guess we will be moving before too long

Pine Camp N.Y.

May 13, 1943

Dear Ben + All;

I got your letter today was glad to here you got home ok. Gosh wasn’t it a nice day Sun. It was so nice and warm all the way back to camp.

Boy I was so darn tired, shortly after I hit my seat I slept about half way to Buffalo, we got to Buffalo at 1:00 P.M. When I woke up there was two Canadian girls sitting across the aisle, a fellow from Detroit was sitting with me we had a nice visit with the girls they were on a three week vacation they said they were never in the U.S.A. “Nice Looking Too”

It rained here like heck yesterday. But today it was a nice day.

That is too bad I did not fine Al home, only I was so sure he was to his Brothers or some place, But I see I was mistaken.

I guess we will be moving before too long, we have most of the big stuff packed. Still don’t no where we are going.

I got a long letter from Mrs. Miller she sent me some pictures of Bud. Also a letter from Sylvia she also sent me two pictures.

I really hated to come back. I had such a good time and so much more I wanted to do, But once you get in the Army they do your planning for you.

Sun night when I ate in Syracuse I had Mushroom soup and tenderloin tips with mushroom. “good too”

Its time for me to shave I have to shave every day.


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