New Tank Killers’ Rout Foe in War Maneuver

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Photos from the train

A gallery of photos taken on the train ride from Washington State to Texas. Read more

Snowed every day this week.

T/5 Felix E. SwehlaCo. B. 803 T.D.Pine CampNew York POSTMARKEDWATERTOWNAPR 151130 AM1943N.Y. Mrs. Richard DrodtIda Michigan Dear Ann. I had the card a long time so I will send it to you. I send one just like it to Jack. Also just wrote to Ben. Its snowing out today. Snowed every day this week. Tell Read more

Here I am in Syracuse.

F. SwehlaCo B 803 T.D.Pine CampNew York POSTMARKEDSYRACUSEMAY 102 PM1943N.Y.FREE Mrs. Richard DrodtIda Michigan 500 P.M. Here I am in Syarcuse. In Detroit the train left 3 minutes after I got on. I want to thank you and Rich for the use of your car. Felix Read more

Administrative Marches

During the month of September Uncle Felix didn’t have much time to write. His Battalion was busy training, moving and marching. Taken from an administrative history of the Battalion Read more

Station F.E.S. Signing off

England March 17, 1944 Dear Ann, Here it is St. Patrick Day. Wish I were home to take in one of the many dances that will be in swing tonight. Lets see maybe they took place last night. I am send you part of the stars and stripes. Its another nice day. The sun is Read more