I am getting terrible hungry for some thing good to eat.

F. Swehla
Co B 803 T.D.
Pine Camp
New York

3 PM


Mrs. Richard Drodt
Ida Michigan

May 1 1943

Pine Camp, New York

Hello Ann, + Rich.

This is Sat noon I will start this letter I won’t finish it I have to some more work to do on my M10 tank. Dog gone since we got them I don’t have time for anything, they keep us busy night and day. Thur we was on the range shooting the guns that our mounted on the M10 its a three inch gun each shell cost about $50.00 the length of the shell is about 34 inch, Boy you should here the noise it makes when it goes off. We have to have cotton in our ears.

On the way home from the range Lt wanted to drive my M10 the first corner he come to he was going too fast and threw a track off its a heck of a job putting it back on Well

we finally got it fixed then the Sgt of my section wanted to drive so I let him the very next corner he did the same thing only worse he broke a sprocket threw the track off run in a ditch. So all day yesterday in a down pouring rain we was fixing it, now its in the shop and I am giving it a 250 miles check. I think from now on I’ll do the driving my self. I might have less trouble.

It’s 3:00 P.M. Now so I’ll finish this letter.

I got a card from Cliff this noon he said he was a papa of a baby girl.

To day the 1st of May we got up and there was about ½ inch of snow and colder than heck. I wonder just when spring dose come here.

If they ever give us a three day pass while we are here, I am coming home. I hope they do. I am getting terrible hungry for some thing good to eat.


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