Usually there are plenty of girls there

March 1, 1942

Dear Ann,
This is Monday night. I go on guard at 1:00 to night so I will write you a few lines before I lie down for a little shut eye.

Did “Rich” hear weather he have to go? If he dose I wonder what he will get into and where he will be station.

I am nearly over my cold last week it gave me plenty trouble. I think the weather had something to do with getting rid of it. To-day it was nice and warm the sun was out all day “an ideal day”.

How is “Ben’s” arm? I hope he doesn’t have too much trouble with it.

Sat night I went to the pict show, saw adventures of Mrs. Holidays. pretty darn good show.

Tomorrow night I thing I will go to the U.S.O. dance . There is a dance every Tue night.  Usually there are plenty of girls there, “pretty nice ones too” I have been going nearly every Tue except when I am on duty.

Wish I had a shot of Rich’s wine. feel as if I could use one.

What did you do yesterday “Sun?”

I did my washing in the morning and read a book in the afternoon. That’s about all there is to do.

Well its time I got a little sleep. So until next time.
good bye

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