Is he still so cocky like.

Mrs. Richard Drodt Ida Michigan PASSED BY US ARMY EXAMINER June 19, 1943 Dear Ann: received your letter with the pictures they are pretty good. What are you doing today? We had two inspections this morning now I think we will get the afternoon off. I hope we do I never did like to do Read more

I sure could go for some short cake

June 14, 1943 Dear Helen, I will try and write to you before I go to bed. Its a nice night to-night, should be very good sleeping. I went to a National league ball game yesterday saw a double header darn good games, certainly was good to see a ball game again. The weather has Read more

took out some more insurance

Dear Ben + All. I will drop you a line to let you know I am ok. Gosh its too bad you are having so much rain. I read in the Monroe paper that even some of the roads were washed out. We have been having beautiful weather except for today it keeps raining off Read more

We are back in New Jersey

POSTMARKEDNEW BRUNSWICKJUN 57:30 PM1943N.J Mrs. Richard DrodtIda Michigan June 5, 1943 Dear Ann, I am dropping you only a few lines to let you know we moved last night. We are back in New Jersey. By the way on the way down here we went throu Kingston N.Y. About 10 or 15 miles from Uncle Read more

Sixteen hours so you see we don’t have things very soft.

Pine Camp, N.J. April 15, 1943 Dear Ben, Helen and All: Got your letter the other day, Gosh you are lucky to have spring weather by the way it looks here it wont warm up till about June. Its been colder then heck here snows every day then rains with it so there isn’t much Read more

we was about looked out

Dear Ben and All, How are you all? I am as good as new. nothing to kick about. Did you get those pictures I send home the other day. The big one was of our company nearly all of the fellows were on it except three or four that were in the hospital and couple Read more