I sure could go for some short cake

June 14, 1943

Dear Helen,

I will try and write to you before I go to bed. Its a nice night to-night, should be very good sleeping.

I went to a National league ball game yesterday saw a double header darn good games, certainly was good to see a ball game again.

The weather has been pretty hot.

Some of the crops I have seen from train windows look pretty good especially the early potatoes.

I sure could go for some short cake. They have been feeding fairly good, except some of the time they slip up and don’t have much. Today we had radishes for the first time. They were good.

I won’t have much to write about. So I guess I better bring my washing in. I did my washing after supper we don’t have any laundry here. By the time I put it away it will be bed time. I hope it is dry.

Write when you fine time. I have a few letters to answer. But I hate even start them because  there isn’t much we are allowed to write

good bye to all


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