Is he still so cocky like.

Mrs. Richard Drodt




June 19, 1943

Dear Ann:

received your letter with the pictures they are pretty good.

What are you doing today? We had two inspections this morning now I think we will get the afternoon off. I hope we do I never did like to do much Sat. afternoon.

We have been having swell weather its plenty warm but not too hot and usually a nice breeze blowing. It rained pretty hard Thu. Night but only for a bout an hour.

I got a nice long letter from Garnet the other day. She told me a little about Von. Told me about his hearing. Ha.

So Harold Stahl was home, how dose he look? Is he still so cocky like.

He has been in Calif for a long time hasn’t he?  How long of a furlough did he get?

Gosh it certainly must have rained a lot back there. I remember when we would have the garden all in April. And now ins the middle of June and you are still planting.

Did you ever here where Ed Straka is stationed? I wonder if Frank’s is still in Toledo.

Well it won’t be long before the 4th of July. I suppose it won’t be much of a holiday this year. The farmers will be working as they are far behind and every body else is on war jobs and they will probly be working also. I hope we at least get the one day off. Would rather have more but I guess that is out.

Can’t seem to think of anything to write. So until I hear from you. Good Bye Felix

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