To day I took my first bath in France

VMAIL July 16, 1944 Dear Helen, I will take time to answer your letter of Jun 27. I got it July 15th. To day I took my first bath in France. My last bath was over a month ago. Some of the fellows  went to a pond. The water was cold as heck. It hans’t Read more

I sure could go for some short cake

June 14, 1943 Dear Helen, I will try and write to you before I go to bed. Its a nice night to-night, should be very good sleeping. I went to a National league ball game yesterday saw a double header darn good games, certainly was good to see a ball game again. The weather has Read more

good job trapping muskrats

VMAIL Jan 4, 2014 Hello Helen, I was glad to here by Ben’s letter tha you all are in better health. As for me I am felling fine now days. I for got about Ben’s Birthday. Thought about it New Years eve as I was driving along I was off duty till till eleven at Read more

I was standing in the 4 half trak from the camera in the driver seat

Camp Hood Oct 5th Dear Helen: I’ll write you a few lines before we leave for a night problem. We have been having quite a few of them lately.  We have three coming up this week to night Wed night and Fri. I hate them its so awful duty here you just can’t barely see Read more

By Gosh thats a fine thing

Dear Helen and All: Fri night 7:00 P.M. A good time to answer your letter. I got your letter a few day ago and was glad to read such a long letter. By Gosh that’s a fine thing buy a hay loader the first year I am not there. But I am glad he got Read more

We had to shoot lying down, sitting, kneeling, and standing

Dear Helen, Go your letter just now so I will start answering it right away while I have a little time, as some time we don’t have too much time for writing. Gee, that is too bad Ben don’t feel very well he should watch him self, I suppose that is hard to do tho, Read more