We had to shoot lying down, sitting, kneeling, and standing

Dear Helen,

Go your letter just now so I will start answering it right away while I have a little time, as some time we don’t have too much time for writing.

Gee, that is too bad Ben don’t feel very well he should watch him self, I suppose that is hard to do tho, as the weather in Dec is [unreadable] and being there alone he has to get out side every day.

This is Wed noon I just finish shooting the Rifle out on the Range that was make up work that I missed while I was at home, all I have to make up now is the pistol that won’t take long.

I did quite well with the rifle 30-30 I qualified as a marks man we had to shoot lying down, sitting, kneeling, and standing, this morning I finish the standing position I did real well at that I got 6 bull eyes, witch count 5 points each and the other 4 shots were right near the bull-eye so they counted 4 points each. That make me 46 points out of 50.

I also shot a biger gun a few day ago 17 lb Browning Automatic shoots 20 shots a one [cording] I also qualified with that one.

Are you getting used to it around there with Mother gone, I suppose it has hard.

I keeping thinking about her but it is a little different here there are so many fellow here and there always up to something so it kinda makes a person forget. I guess it is better tho for it is all over and the sooner we forget the better it will be

It rained here last nite and a little today.

The rumours are that we will be finish at this camp in 8 weeks that would be week after next of course that isn’t certain that isn’t the way to spell that is it?  We don’t no where they will send us next. Myself I think we will stay a little longer then that.

I got a card from Ann, card from Lucille, letter from Sonnny Bigelow, that the way I like to get it ha! Ha!

It looks like we will have to go to work now.

I got $6.60 for Rachion [ration] that is for the food I didn’t eat here in camp while I was at home.

I will get paid either this week or next. All the rest of the boys have got paid 2 twice I will get both checks at once. I got all folwed up while I was at home.

We just had a lecture for [unreadable] now we can have the rest of the afternoon off gosh they got good hearted all at once.

From what I here we will only get 3 or 4 days off for Christmas, Oh! Well I guess that be enough?

Oh yes, I forget who got whose name in our drawing except my own I remember that so when you write let me no not that it makes any difference but I might get a laugh. Well I guess this is enough for this time,

Ben take care of your self don’t get wet out in the rain I know you don’t have much time to write when you do don’t forget me

If you see somebody I no tell them I said Hello.  Ha. Ha. Gosh it seem as if I can’t write at all today. FELIX

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