just after I got up the War broke out

Dear Ben,

Got your letter this morning so I will try and answer right away. For as things stand the mail only be delayed some what.

How is the talk about war around home.

We are in it but so far its the same here except we have far more guards and we won’t be able to leave the camp. And we have to be in bed by bed check “or else”

They have been talking about sending us to the Philippine Islands for about two weeks so now I suppose we are almost sure of going.

Gosh its too bad Old Jerry had to die, he sure was a good dog, its a good thing you have the puppies I hope they will make good dogs.

I went to San Francisco for the week end and saw Thelma, we went to a show Sat night and after that we went to a night club. Its was hard to get around and see the town without a car. I stayed in hotel over nite for 75 cents I had to get the cheapest one I could fine because I didn’t have much money.

On Sun Thelma and I walked down to the San Francisco Bay saw the Golden Gate Bridge. Then we took a Street Car to China Town then we went to another show. All in All I had a good time.

The only thing just after I got up the War broke out then the papers came out, and all you could here on the raido was war. (Ed note: The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in the early morning of Sunday Dec 7th.)

They keep calling all Soldiers back to there post. We didn’t go back till we got ready I rode down with five other fellows.

I had to help clean 3 guns this morning it took a little over a half day to clean 3 guns we sure had to do a good job.

How do you feel today?  I was glad to here that you feel better.

Too bad Al didn’t get his Deer!

I got Helen card just now, Gosh I don’t no for sure where I will be for Christmas. I am pretty sure I won’t be over to Sylvia’s. I don’t believe we will be able to leave camp. I don’t no what to say you can take a chance and send it here, but be sure and don’t send much for if

I got some pictures [unreadable] before I had my pants shortened they are way too long, the other one’t the 3 are our work clothes

the gun is the Browning Automatic 20 shot 17 lb, one is of Harold Stahl and me sewing a button on my shirt it took both of us. ha. The other fellow is Walter Bailey. That is the way our Camp looks off of a mountain.


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