I’ll bet he played plenty of suck ass to make Sgt.

Aug 16 Dear Ann, I thought I would drop you a line on this free paper. Ha. Ha. This is where we stayed last nit and are making use of the room today. Erwin and a fellow by name of Newton, and I got this room together, has a bath and a shower, boy we Read more

I got a kick out of them

Dear Ann, I got a letter from Sylvia and Leona. I got a kick out of them so I will write you a short letter and send them to you. got your letter today. I already wrote a letter to Ben, Sonny, and now to you so I guess that will be enough for today. Read more

it is like the rest except there are more trees

Dec 14, 1941 Dear Ann and Rich, Will try and write while the train is going, it is kinda hard to write But I hope you can read it. Well we are in Oregon now won’t get to our camp till tomorrow, I suppose about noon This is all new country to  me,  it is Read more

just after I got up the War broke out

Dear Ben, Got your letter this morning so I will try and answer right away. For as things stand the mail only be delayed some what. How is the talk about war around home. We are in it but so far its the same here except we have far more guards and we won’t be Read more