I was standing in the 4 half trak from the camera in the driver seat

Camp Hood
Oct 5th

Dear Helen:

I’ll write you a few lines before we leave for a night problem. We have been having quite a few of them lately.  We have three coming up this week to night Wed night and Fri. I hate them its so awful duty here you just can’t barely see anything and we drive black out quite a bit and thats no snap.

Last week one night we stayed up all night and did eat till 2 o’clock next day, the kitchen truck got lost and couldn’t find the convoy. I got the darnest head ache. I wasn’t feeling so good I had a bad cold. but I feel better now since I got rid of my cold

I will send $10.00 home and Ben can get me fire and theft insurance on my car. I think that will be enough long as its not in use.

We had some cold whether here but no frost. I guess it don’t get too awful cold here even in the winter. Right now the weather could not be any better.

I guess I was in the news reel on one shot. I guess you can’t tell who is who that’s what a fellow said that saw it. But I was standing in the 4 half trak from the camera in the driver seat there were 12 of the same trucks right side by side and all of the 74 M.M. guns were going up at the same time.

That was a nice long letter you wrote.

good bye.

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