we are suppost to be the best battalion here in Texas

Dear Ben,

Well I better write to you so you will know I am not across yet. Maybe I made it seem as if we were going right away well things seem to blow over a little so we may even be in Texas for some time yet. Althou I do believe we will soon leave for somewhere in the U.S.A.

About the farming here in Texas there isn’t too much. about all I seen is Corn and Cotton. the corn was ripe and all driped up when we got here must have been ripe in June. They are picking cotton now when when we was at Marliou for over this Labor Day.  Erwin and I went throu a Cotton mill, saw them make Cotton meal and [unreadable] interesting so now I know all about cotton.

Gosh the house must look good. I would like to see it.

Only a month and hunting season will be here that’s when I would like to get home.

Yes I got that paper “estate” I send it back last week. 
That is too bad about the Potatoes [unreadable] I bet they will be good price this winter.

Johnny send me a clipping from some paper I had already seen it but maybe you haven’t so I will send it to you. That Kimbrell sure is a nice fellow and plenty smart. That mark I put on the clipping – well that our Co. “Co” B.  I had a hand in the shooting and every thing else it mentions. [Ed. Note: The clipping must be about Captain Gordon T. Kimbrell who designed specialized training for the Tank Destroyer units.]

This week Fri we are going to put on a demonstration for the Secretary of War right from Wash D.C. we are suppost to be the best battalion here in Texas.  Any how that’s what they tell us. Our fellows don’t believe were so hot.  But I guess we aren’t so bad. This big parade will come off the 18th on my Birthday – by the way I got my second card today this was the one from Rosella I was glad to get it from her.  The other was from a girl in Tacoma Wash.  Well this demonstration should turn out good on my birthday.

I am being send to the 893 Battalion with another driver to drive one of our Tank Destroyers for them I will be there from Tomorrow till Fri noon. I am kinda anxious to see what kind of a outfit they have.
Well good bye for this time


P.S. I had this all sealed and I opened it to tell you it is almost impossible to call here wer are too far in the sticks no telephone with in 30 miles if we should move to the Barracks then you could call.

good bye

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