but if I do come I will be home about two days

Camp Hood

October 12, 1942

Dear Ben,

How you Be? And rest of the family?

This is Mon night and I am sort tired and don’t know very much news.

I may be seeing you before long we are getting short furloughs only 5 days plus half day Sat and Sun making it 6 1/2 days, of course don’t plan too much because something could happen that I won’t come at all on such short time, but if I do come I will be home about two days.

I think I will come to Detroit with the other boys and houls be there some time this Monday sorta late I suppose. If I come I will get home some how from Detroit or where ever I get off at.

This is all I will write will tell you a lot when I get there? hope I can make it. Might get to hunt at least 1/2 a day. Eh’

Wish my car had license plates on so I could use it. Good Bye.


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