By Gosh thats a fine thing

Dear Helen and All:

Fri night 7:00 P.M. A good time to answer your letter. I got your letter a few day ago and was glad to read such a long letter.

By Gosh that’s a fine thing buy a hay loader the first year I am not there. But I am glad he got it I suppose it was a lot easier.

You said in your last letter that they just finish shocking wheat I still keep thinking its spring: its quite cool out this evening maybe that is why I keep thinking its spring. I was glad you found that heifer that would have been quite a loss.

Well I have a little new news to tell you we are finally going to get transferred We are going to some camp in Texas. We will pull out in about a week or maybe two from today they don’t know the exact day. I am going to be glad to get the change and so are the other fellows althou the weather will be a lot hotter, but it will be nice ride again I suppose we will go throu Calif.

Boy they sure are keeping me busy doing carpenter work right know we are building field deck a desk that is closed in and a place for a typewriter. And when you open it you write on the lid. It will be used on the trip for book work and a place to keep all these papers. I am sorta of a boss we built the first one I have another fellow that works with me well they liked the work we did on our desk. We even had blue prints so now the other 5 Co want one you see there is 6 companies in a battalion each Co has its own Carpenter and I will have to show them how it goes at least I will try.

Well if you get this letter and you feel like writing you better answer right away and maybe I’ll get it before I leave. I suppose I won’t get to write again from here.

We get a 3 day pass this week end I have pass tonight but I have a pretty bad cold. So I won’t go till tomorrow morning. Felix

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