I guess he is doing ok for himself.

July 20th

Monday nit 7:45. Well I will write to you one more from Wash. we are being transferred to Texas. I believe it will be to Camp Hood. don’t know just when we are leaving but the last report is it might be Sat or Sun. I am glad of the transfer but they could have send us there last winter or waited a little longer from what I hear its pretty dam hot there now. its even hot here today. but most the time the weather has been swell here sorta cool except for these hot days before the 4th.

Well I just got back at 5:00 from a three day pass starting Fri at 5:00 but I had a bad cold and I didn’t feel any too hot so I didn’t leave till Sat noon. my cold is a lot better but I am not fully over it yet. that is the longest pass we got so far.

The Trianon Ballroom at 218 Wall Street in Seattle was a very popular dance hall for many years. Although the building still stands, the dance hall ceased to exist in the mid-1980s.

I went to Seattle . Got myself a hotel room.  and at nite I went to the Trianon ball then Sun I didn’t get up until about 11:00 I had breakfast and I took a bus and went to Ida and Helen. they were just getting up they were so glad to see me so I had another light breakfast with them and about that time Ed Huletz and wife and two children come home from a trip from Calif his wife father live there so I got to see him and later on he took me through his big store electric store he has about 20 men working for him and three girls to do book work I guess he is doing ok for himself.

Helen took me for a long ride to Everetts where she teaches school so I had a good time. Ida works at Bondi department store.

I got a box of candy from Vera today be sure and thank her for me I suppose I won’t get a chance to write to her till I get to Texas maybe I’ll write her a card yet tonight you can look at the card I saw the same thing when we went on that trip last spring I though it was so pretty.

I also go a letter from Vera and it was stamped from Chicago I wonder how come were they in Chicago or something.

Well I guess I better close for now there won’t be any use of you writing till I send you my next address
good bye

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