I guess he is doing ok for himself.

July 20th Monday nit 7:45. Well I will write to you one more from Wash. we are being transferred to Texas. I believe it will be to Camp Hood. don’t know just when we are leaving but the last report is it might be Sat or Sun. I am glad of the transfer but they Read more

Beer was good but the cigarettes were terrible.

July 14th Dear Annie, I guess I better answer your letter to nite. Its raining out so its a good time to write, if I finish this in time I will write to Harold Gertner I got a letter from him the other day from Australia. I sent him a letter Jan 27th he got Read more

That song Sleepy Lagoon is playing on the radio. Boy I sure like it.

June 25th, 1942 Dear Ann, Its been some time since I wrote to you. I’ll try and write a few words before supper and finish after supper.  Maybe I can think of more then. It rained all day today not so very hard but steady we were working in it all day had to wear Read more

Ida said to unlock the door and let me in

June 22th Dear Ben + All: Its been quite a while since I wrote to you so I’ll sit down and get it over with. This is Mon nite just had supper and it wasn’t anything to brag about. It was pretty warm here today also Sat and Sun. It was real nice over the Read more

there is nothing like Mich beer

Dear Ann, Well I am on guard again today. A little different guard all I done this morning was rode on a truck with my gun and had to watch two prisoners. We were hauling coal for the barracks. Some of the prisoners are sorta tough and some are not so bad. Most of them Read more