That song Sleepy Lagoon is playing on the radio. Boy I sure like it.

June 25th, 1942

Dear Ann,

Its been some time since I wrote to you. I’ll try and write a few words before supper and finish after supper.  Maybe I can think of more then.

It rained all day today not so very hard but steady we were working in it all day had to wear raincoats this pm

I am still doing carpentry work all kind of little jobs another carpenter from Montana he and I work together

Those pictures were all pretty good that one of Cec and Jack was a laugh.  I got that picture that Ben send me of myself it could have been better yet it warn’t too bad.

That was funny I didn’t get that paper, some times I don’t get any paper for two or three day but then I usually get them all at once.

Yes that is ok me by putting money in the bank for me for the tires

I had a good time in Seattle last week and I wrote home about you’ll probably read the letter Ida and Helen treated me so nice they told me to be sure and come back.

We are getting passes again but I suppose we’ll be on the alert again for over the 4th you see they don’t take any changes on holidays that’s the reason they keep us ready so we can leave in 1 hour notice.

I hope we get passes this weekend yet I would like to go to a dance in Tacoma. That song Sleepy Lagoon is playing on the radio. Boy I sure like it.

I am going to send you a few pictures. Maybe some day I’ll come over and claim some

Helen and Ida don’t think much of Zola. They talked about her quite a lot. They wanted to know if they still lived in that old shack and if Wayne was still spoiled.  From the way they talked they had a awful good time at the party at our house.

I guess I’ll have to stop and write a letter to Julie Lowe I haven’t written to him for a long time in fact I haven’t written to anybody lately seem like I am always busy or tired.

Well good bye,

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