How is the hay crop this year?

Dear Ben,

Rec your letter today and the $2.00 from Al.  Gosh he couldn’t have picked a better time to send me money I was down to my last dollar, We always get paid on the 1st of the month but on account of this new raise in pay the pay will be delayed for about 10 days. We didn’t know about the delay so everybody is very broke.

I will be getting $66.00 per month. At least thats what they say I will know for sure after pay day.

My Gosh. So corn is nearly knee high and every thing is so far ahead. I can’t hardly believe it. Its seems to me more like 1st of May. Instead of 4th of July.

Today was the hottest day we had so far. I imagine it was some where in the 90 degrees we have no way to tell but it was pretty hot.

We had sweet corn twice now. Tasted pretty good. Sun we had Turkey for dinner. I’ll bet that spring chicken was good you had.

I kinda figured you had your false teeth by now. When will you get them?

So Jimmie liked my card must be he talks pretty much by now

I got a letter from Milton Stoll today.

When I finish this letter I will take a shower and then I will go have a beer on Al. Being it’s so hot maybe I’ll have two. Don’t forget to thank him for me when you see him.

I am still doing carpenter work. Most of the time we don’t do much but we put in our time and thats all that counts in the army.

How is the hay crop this year?

I saw a cherry tree in town Sat. P.M. And it looked like they were nearly ripe. Did our trees have lots of cherries?

Say I was surprised to here Joe Straka was in the Army he even beat Frankie ‘didn’t he’

It stays light here nearly till 10 o’clock we get up 5:30 and every so often we get up 5:00 in fact we get up 5:00 tomorrow morning we are going to shoot the 50 caliber gun.


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