The beer here doesn’t amount to much.

July 1, 1942

Dear Ann:

By Gall its hot today and I believe yesterday was worse: I kept thinking it would never get hot here. But I guess I got fooled

Well only 3 more days til the 4th, I don’t know if we will be on the alert or not. Some think we will get the day off. Time will tell.

But I hope we get off maybe I could go someplace and cool off. I guess we are going to get paid Fri. We always get paid on the 1st but on account of the raise in pay it was supposed to be delayed 10 days or more,  but some how they speeded it up. And it will only be three days late.

Boy that $2.00 from Al sure came in handy for I was down to my last dollar, and then this warm weather [unreadable] a bottle of beer in the evening sure tastes good. If only I could get a bottle of good old michigan beer. The beer here doesn’t amount to much.

What are you going to do for the 4th?  I suppose you are going someplace in the evening.

I see in the paper so many of the boys are getting furloughs. I sure could go for one  but it looks like we won’t be getting one while we are in this state.

But maybe we are lucky being 9 months and not going across yet.  About half of the boys I was with at Camp Roberts went across about three months ago.

Well, I don’t know much to write about but I hope we have something good and cool for supper.

I haven’t wrote to Sylvia in a long time. I guess I will have to try and write to her this week.

We heard about the bombing in Oregon. But I guess there wasn’t much to it.

I guess they always make things worse back there than they really are.

Any how it didn’t worry us much.

We always say the 803 will take them. Ha.

Well I guess I’ll stop, its supper time.


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