good job trapping muskrats


Jan 4, 2014

Hello Helen,

I was glad to here by Ben’s letter tha you all are in better health. As for me I am felling fine now days.

I for got about Ben’s Birthday. Thought about it New Years eve as I was driving along I was off duty till till eleven at night New Years eve so it wasn’t too dull. I will wish Ben a happy Birthday in this letter even it does get there a little late. We have been ___ rather busy lately. I haven’t found much time for writing. I got though washing some of my clothes so now I am writing this before I go to bed.

The weather is some better lately the sun was out nearly all day to day.

Gosh Ben sure did good job trapping muskrats this year, there pretty good price too.

Well I well have to go to bed I have to get up early in the morning. From your Bro Felix

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