went to a Red Cross dance

Dear Ann,

Well its Sunday morning again so I am catching up on my writing and I got an early start I already wrote one letter, its only about nine oclock or little after.

Everything is getting along as good as can be expected here in England. Even the weather has been some better the past few weeks.

We have been pretty busy lately

I am never around near my writing equipment so that is the reason I am so far behind.

I got a letter from Leslie Lowe this week first one I got for long time, He told me about being home, guess he felt pretty bad about his mother.

Last night I went to a Red Cross dance. It was pretty good. The crowd was big, had a G.I. Band, all soldiers sure made some of the English girls look. It was so much better than their music. I did most of my dancing with a Wren (Women’s Royal Naval Service) first time I ever meet we had a good time. The only thing these dances end too early. At eleven o’clock.

I sort slipped up on Ben Birthday so I had to send him a Vmail instead of a card. Won’t be long before your Birthday wonder if I will remember you.

In your last letter you wrote you were fixing a squirrel for supper. Boy! That certainly made me hungry. I’ll be so happy when I get back so I can get some of that good stuff.

I got myself some air mail stamps the other day. So I will send this by air you should get it faster.

Well I say Cherro for this time hope this fines you in good health.

From your Bro. Felix

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