he sure knew his p’s and q’s about ancient history

Dear Ann –

Just another letter to let you know I am in fine health. Hope all of you are the same. Being it is midwinter I suppose you have had your ups and downs with flu and colds.

I just come back from a eight day furlough.

I had a very good time certainly hated to start the old grind this morning.

I started out for a town by the name of Taunton. I found out that Jim Houseman was stationed there. I found him ok. Gosh he sure was glad to see me. Boy is he ever fat. Its only about [censored] where we stay so I guess he is coming to [censored] as he can get away.

I stayed with him one afternoon, had a GI supper with him. ha. Then that night we went out and did a little drinking the next day I went on to Bristol I didn’t like that town very much so I only stayed on day. It sure was bombed to pieces from there I went to London and stayed the other six days. I had a swell time in London

There I meet those other fellows from our Co. that were on furlough.

One day we went on a London tour. “walking” had a guide he sure knew his p’s and q’s about ancient history. We saw about thousand different statue and graves of Queen Mary, Kind George ect. We saw the palace but the Kind was not at home. While we was there the guard mount was chaning that was nice to see.

Saw the house of parliament looked just like did in the history book. All in all it was a nice tour. I stayed at the Red Cross. I don’t know what we would do if we didn’t have the Red Cross here.

I had eleven letters when I got back. Gosh

I haven’t been writing much at all so now I owe everybody a letter. I will try and write a few more tomorrow

Oh yes one more thing do you remember hearing about the London Fog. Well I saw it Boy! O Boy! What I mean its really something to see right in broad day light you could walk right into a pole with our seeing it, all traffic was stopped. We sure got lost in the heart of London. Ha!

Our A.P.O. Has changed again its 230.

Well its time I sign off.

Its Saturday night. I don’t know if I should go out for a while or not don’t feel much like it beside in this country Sat and Sun isn’t much different from any other day.

Good bye

from your Bro


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