had two meals of rabbit

Jan 25, 1944
Dear Ben + All
This is Sat night. Isn’t it funny when I was home it would have been pretty hard to keep me in on Sat night to write a letter. It doesn’t make much difference what night you go out. one night is like another. It is raining out pretty hard tonight so I should be able to sleep good. in fact I am getting sleepy already.

Boy you certainly did slip on rabbit hunting. While I was in London on my furlough. I had two meals of rabbit it was a darn good meal.

Oh yes when you see Dick Houseman tell him I saw Jim in Taunton I sure was glad to see him. I ate supper with him at his camp then at night we went out to catch a few beers. He is about fifty miles from our station. Said he went through the town we are stationed at several times but did not know I was there So now if he comes near he will stop and see me. Boy he certainly is fat I hardly knew him.

I write Ann a letter and tell her a little about my furlough in London. So you can go meet her sometime and she will let you read it. I hate to write it more than once.

You should make good money on your potatoes at the price you see getting. You really had good luck trapping. Oh yes, before I forget tell John Regal I wish him best of luck. From your Bro Felix
APO 230

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