told me all the tunes on the Hit parade


Dec 21, 1943

Dear Ann:

I guess I will answer your letter one you wrote Sept 1st I just got it the other day. It had the picture of you Cora and Lee. They are all good.

Well its raining out to-night. Of course that is nothing new seems like it never clears up. Nearly everybody has a cold.

I feel pretty good since I got out of the hospital, althou I have a cold.

I am glad that you got your little bird ha. I though they was so nice I am glad that they wasn’t broke.

You should see our Mess hall we have it all decorated up for Christmas. We have two Christmas trees and holly on all the post and in the windows. Its looks classy. Our mess hall has big windows facing the street, so all the people that walk by had some thing to look at. It certainly makes it look more like Christmas.

We took some pictures a while back so I will send them to you. You won’t know some of the fellows but you can keep them for me.

My papers are coming more regular lately. I saw the ad about Mrs Lowe + Kathryn B. Gosh I wonder what Carol will do now, I wonder how the baby is doing?

Well I will have to get ready for bed, I have to shave and wash its too cold to do it in the morning.

I got a letter from Cec yesterday she wrote and told me all the tunes on the Hit parade. I was so glad to hear. What no 1 was, none of us heard it yet.

Well I will close for to night.

From your Bro Felix.

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