I am out and at em again

Dec 16 1943

Dear Ann.

I received those letters from you this week. Also the Christmas card.

Yes I am out and at em again I was in the hospital 30 days, had five x-rays taken, the last one was satisfactory and I feel fine. Except I caught a cold again but that is nothing new everybody has a cold

Too bad I can’t have some of that wine that you have to drink for your _____ _____

it would warm me up. The last few days its been pretty darn cold, froze ice about one inch thick. They say after this spell it will start raining and rain nearly the rest of the winter!

I am going out to catch a scotch or a few beers soon as I finish this letter. Its too cold to sit around with out any heat.

Darn if I can think of anything to write

Good thing I am at the bottom of this sheet. I still didn’t get those pictures you send me. Your Bro Felix.

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