took out some more insurance

Dear Ben + All.

I will drop you a line to let you know I am ok.

Gosh its too bad you are having so much rain. I read in the Monroe paper that even some of the roads were washed out.

We have been having beautiful weather except for today it keeps raining off and on.

Oh. Yes. I took out some more insurance out couple weeks ago. I didn’t no for sure who to make the policy out to. I made 3000 out to you with the 2000 I had before makes you 5000 the other 5000 I made out in Ann name you will get both policies. So when you get it give Ann hers. I may change this some day but for the time being I will leave as it is.

There isn’t much news nothing ever happens so there is not much to write about.

This is my new address.

Felix E Swehla ASM 36129326
CO “B” 803 T.D. Bn. A.P.P 4556
% Postmaster New York City, N.Y.

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