Sixteen hours so you see we don’t have things very soft.

Pine Camp, N.J.

April 15, 1943

Dear Ben, Helen and All:

Got your letter the other day, Gosh you are lucky to have spring weather by the way it looks here it wont warm up till about June. Its been colder then heck here snows every day then rains with it so there isn’t much on the ground but nasty as the devil.

Well we got equipment the M.10 and boy are they working us to death, first we had to learn how to drive them that is about 15 of us drivers, now we are giving the rest of the company lessons. To night we start at 3:00 this P.M. Take our lunch and drive till 7:00 A.M. Sixteen hours so you see we don’t have things very soft. Won’t be so bad if it was warmer. When you drive your head is out in the open and what I mean it gets beat up.

That is too bad Jack got Burned. I hope it all turns out ok. Gosh that must be awful painful.

Bod bod that was some free for all Ruth and Betty had too bad you didn’t get to see it maybe it was better than Joe Louis.

I get my papers two days late now so that isn’t bad. Although every now and then I still get one from Texas. Only a few days ago I got a letter from you address to Texas.

Yesterday we had to go to the rife range, its 40 miles from camp we shot right into Lake Ontario. Boy it was so cold we didn’t do very good shooting, what do you suppose we was shooting. Only 22 rifle. Ha. Ha. We thought it was so funny because the gun on these M.10 is a three inch gun or canon.

Tell Art I said Hello and he should write to me.


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