we had asparagus for Sunday dinner

T/5 Felix E. Swehla
Co. B. 803 T.D. Bn.
Pine Camp
New York


1130 AM


Mrs. Richard Drodt
Pine Camp New York

April 8, 1943

Dear Annie

I’ll write you a few lines. I just wrote to Harold Geartner and John Rahls. I wrote a real long one to Harold.

I was on guard last night and this morning so I had rest of the day off made good use of it writing

I got your letter yesterday and one from Ben and Helen each the yours XX was to Fort Dix and the other two come from Texas so you see how late some of my mail reached me. I hope we stay here longer so I don’t have to change addresses so often.

You wrote about Rich cutting weeds so the asparagus could be found better, any how we had asparagus for Sunday dinner boy it was good such healthy stalks

I suppose Ben told you about us being in Pine Camp. I like it here pretty nice.

Its been awful cold here Monday it was about 5º above, last night it snowed alltho today it warmed up a little

I saw that show White Cargo in New York that time I was there on that three day pass. I like it real well.

(Gol Darn) what kind of a fellow did Garnet fine deaf + dumb of all thingsI Sure hope she doesn’t marry him I’d hate to have to talk to him. Ha. Ha.

Caitlin’s note – Garnet (Felix’s cousin) did marry Von, a lovely man who was deaf, but not in the least dumb.

Boy my hand is getting tired of writing.

We have 150 Wasc here in Camp

Sunday night I met on(e) at the Service Club. She is from Coldwater Mich, Boy we really cut it off dancing together that old Michigan Strut ha. Aha. Pretty darn nice when we don’t even have to leave camp to get a date Eh. I am suppost

To see her to night again, I hope she isn’t on K.P. Or something. Ha. Ha.

I guess we aren’t going to have it so sfot before long. They say we will train 7 days a week and 18 hours a day. We will start that soon as we get our M.10 you probably saw pictures of them in Monroe paper (I did) in case you don’t no yet M10 is almost like a tank. Right now we are getting lectures on them.

How did you like that picture I sent home of our Co?

I guess the is very pretty country in summer, they say there are some 1000 Islands at the mouth of the St. Laurence river its a real summer resort I would like to go there in the summer its only 50 or 60 miles from here.

well I have to get ready for guard mount “ or get dismerited” only have about ½ hour.

Good Bye,


Its still snowing out.

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