we was about looked out

Dear Ben and All,

How are you all? I am as good as new. nothing to kick about.

Did you get those pictures I send home the other day. The big one was of our company nearly all of the fellows were on it except three or four that were in the hospital and couple that was somewhere on duty. The one where the front row was kneeling is one of our platoon or all the men that sleep in one barracks. We work together all the time. Some of us don’t look so hot but it really wasn’t our fault. You see we had to stand facing the sun. The camera started at the left and turned slowly to the right and we had to stand perfectly still and by the time it got to where we were standing we was about looked out, the sun was awful bright.

I am going to Phila. for over the week end. I’ll be glad to leave this camp for a while again.

When you write next time this is the address C.O. B 803 TD Bn Fort Dix New Jersey. Would you tell Ann and the rest. and if you get to Monroe change the paper address its been coming couple weeks late. also the Petersburg paper.

Its nice and warm out today I guess Spring is about here. I am glad of that.

Have you got the wood cut yet? I suppose you have.

I should get my mail by two or three day sooner at least that I am glad of that. I was beginning to get sick of reading such old mail.

good bye for now.


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