lots of fun with that plunger gadget

March 8, 1943

Dear Ben and All;

How is your arm by now? I hope it its ok. My back isn’t so hot yet either. It got sorta stiff when I sit around and then it pains when I get up, if it don’t get better in a day or so I am going to see a Doctor.

How is the weather in Michigan these days? Won’t be long before you will start plowing. Its been quite cold here the last few days.

I got a card from Sylvia today so I guess I better get busy and write to her. Seems like I can’t get in the writing mood any more.

My papers are still coming but not very regular. Sat I got the 26th and 27th and today I got the Feb 1st and 2nd.

Is Art still busy with his chores?  Or did Mrs. Wallace sell out. She probably won’t stay there long. I feel sorry for her she is so helpless cripple as she is.

How is Mrs. Lowe? Is she any better or haven’t you heard.
Well, I think I will take a shower and go to bed that’s about all there is to do around here.

Boy! Oh Boy! We certainly had lots of fun with that plunger gadget I brought back with me. It took some of the fellows hours to catch on we won’t tell them either.

This will be all for to-night.

From Felix.

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