I was standing in the 4 half trak from the camera in the driver seat

Camp Hood Oct 5th Dear Helen: I’ll write you a few lines before we leave for a night problem. We have been having quite a few of them lately.  We have three coming up this week to night Wed night and Fri. I hate them its so awful duty here you just can’t barely see Read more

but if I do come I will be home about two days

Camp Hood October 12, 1942 Dear Ben, How you Be? And rest of the family? This is Mon night and I am sort tired and don’t know very much news. I may be seeing you before long we are getting short furloughs only 5 days plus half day Sat and Sun making it 6 1/2 Read more

Morris Camp on Reelfoot Lake

Reelfoot Lake is in Tennessee. Perhaps Felix was returning to Texas via Tennessee from a Furlough in Michigan. Read more