Boy you should have seen me pick em up and put em down.

VMAIL T/5  F. Swehla 36129326 Co “B” 803 T.D. Bn A.P.O/ 305 c/o Postmaster New York, N.Y. Nov 7, 1943 TIME STAMPED: 9 NOV 1943 Dear Ann I received your box today “Sunday” we never got mail on Sunday. But the first group of packages come in so so they passed them out. I would Read more


Not surprisingly, a few days after he writes that he slept in several inches of water, Uncle Felix has rashes on his feet and chest as well as a head cold. Patient took cold 2 days ago when noticed aching of bones – chilly sensation felt somewhat weak and feverish. This became worse – he Read more

Also tell Mrs. Miller that I get her letters.

EnglandNov 11 1943 Hello Ben – Helen and All Think I will write you a letter as long as I have all the time in the world. Last Sunday I didn’t feel very good, but being it was Sunday I laid around that is after the parade that I was in. Anyhow Monday I went Read more

I’ll be like new when I leave

T/5 F Swehla 36129326Co “B” 803 T.D. Bn. A.P.O. 305c/o Postmaster New York, NYPOSTMARKEDU.S. ARMY POSTAL SERVICE553 NOV 161943 FREE Mrs. Richard DrodtR#1 Box 182IdaMichigan England Nov 14, 1943 Dear Ann I received your v mail of oct 27 the other day. So I guess I will answer it. Well this is Sunday about 11:00 Read more

listening to a Yugoslavian program

Hello Ann It seems like I am writing you often lately. Well I am still in the Hosp I feel kinda uneasy this morning so I started writing I just wrote to Mrs. Miller. I am feeling good. But my xray showed that my lungs were not quite clear enough. I was suppost to leave Read more