I’ll be like new when I leave

T/5 F Swehla 36129326
Co “B” 803 T.D. Bn. A.P.O. 305
c/o Postmaster New York, NY

NOV 16


Mrs. Richard Drodt
R#1 Box 182


Nov 14, 1943

Dear Ann

I received your v mail of oct 27 the other day. So I guess I will answer it.

Well this is Sunday about 11:00 AM I am still in the hospital tomorrow will be a week I am here.

I feel ok I suppose they will let me out any day now. I just had two teeth filled. I am glad of that now I’ll be like new when I leave.

Its pretty dead in here now and then we have a little fun kidding the nurses. I had a bad cold and a fever of 103º when I come in.

So your middle name is Helen at first I thought it was but the more I keep thinking the more I though Helen was Cora’s middle name.

So I didn’t give them any middle name for you on that insurance business. And Helen for Cora. Ha. I sure got that screwed up. Eh. Ha.

What are you doing today? I suppose you are going to church its only about 6:30 back there come to think of it so you are probably still in bed. Do you ever see Sammy B in church?

Its raining out almost all week. I was sorta glad to be in here out of it.

Say by the way almost every letter you send you forget to put 803 be sure you put the whole address I usually get them but it takes longer.

I got a carton of cigarettes from Monroe Members of the foreign war or some thing like that. I sold it for two shillings ha!

Well I don’t know of a damn thing more to write about! Now that I write this I suppose I’ll get a letter from you right after I send this.

A million questions to answer. It always happens that way.

From Felix

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