Also tell Mrs. Miller that I get her letters.

Nov 11 1943

Hello Ben – Helen and All

Think I will write you a letter as long as I have all the time in the world.

Last Sunday I didn’t feel very good, but being it was Sunday I laid around that is after the parade that I was in.

Anyhow Monday I went to the Medics. The Doc, took my temperature it was 103 so to the hospital I went. This makes four days I am here. I feel nearly ok still have a little sore throat and cold.

I had to have my chest xray. I guess I come near having a touch of ammonia, I certainly am glad I didn’t have it the only nice thing about this place is we have a radio. I enjoy listening to it. Its very seldom that I get to here one.

Fri Nov 12 I didn’t finish this yesterday. So will work at it today.

I feel good today I suppose I will be going back to the Co in a day or so.

I was glad to here you had so many potatoes. This year. I suppose if I had to do KP I won’t think it so nice. Probably wish they would all rotten. ha. Anyhow you should clear some nice money on them.

Are you going deer hunting this year? I suppose you and Al are getting ready for it I have a hunch you are going because you did not go last year. I certainly hope you get one. About the only thing that might hold you from going is “gas” or did you save enough for the trip?

The weather stays awful damp. Rain nearly every day. In fact its raining out now. We haven’t had a frost yet from what it looks like it don’t get too cold in this part of England.

I believe it would be better if it did get cold instead of this damp weather.

There are three other fellows in this same ward from my Co. so we keep each other company. they want me to play rummy so I will go to pass the the afternoon away.

Does Dorothy Davis still stop in? You can tell Marie Upell I said Hello.

Also tell Mrs. Miller that I get her letters. Always glad to hear from her but I have so many people to write to. I am all wrote out by the time I get to her. How is Bud?

From your Bro


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