I sure will be glad when I can look for Rabbits instead of Germans.

Oct 5, 1944 Dear Ann,  I have nothing much to do this morning so I will try and catch up on some of my writing. Gosh seems like I am way behind. I haven’t been writing much lately one reason the weather was bad and it is a little hard to sit in the cold Read more

I am celebrating my third year in the army by writing.

VMAIL Oct 9, 1944 Dear Ben, This is Monday afternoon Oct the 9th. I am celebrating my third year in the army by writing. Gosh when I left home who would have believed that I would be in the service three years and still plugging along. At this time I am at the Ord getting Read more

They play American pictures. All talkies

VMAIL Oct 14, 1944 Holland  Dear Ann, Well my vacation here at the Ord ? is nearly to a end. I will drop you a few lines. When I get back to our Co. I may not get too much time to write.  I saw a real good show last nite It was the first Read more

there was one coal mine after another.

 VMAIL Oct 17, 1944 Dear Ben and All, I have been wondering how you made out on the first day of the season. hope you had good luck. Don’t forget to tell me how many you missed. Ha.  Well, I supposed you are digging potatoes about this time. Hope you have good weather. The weather Read more

And the Sigrid line was very rough.

Oct 26, 1944 Germany Dear Ann, This week I received about five or six letters from you. They must have been laid up. then all at once. they all come. I was glad to get them, and hope that your cold is better by now. I also had a little cold last week. But I Read more