Coupleof the fellows are playing a guitar and singing.

Vmail to ann

March 30, 1944
Dear Ann,
I will try and answer a few letters to night. So will start on you.

How are you and Rich. Last time you wrote you said Rich wasn’t feeling so good. I hope he is better he should be by now. or maybe he has a new sickness. Ha! I am fine only a little stiff we had a pretty stiff work out the other day.

Gosh Vera sure is going to town. I wonder if they are running Ben a race. Ha.
I wonder what Regal will do now that that Mr. Regal died.

Gosh when I get home things will be so different. I won’t even know anyone.

By the way how is Mr. Lowe making out. Is anyone keeping house for him?

Boy the weather is so nice. Only the evenings are a little cool. Certainly does not make us mad.

Couple of the fellows are playing a guitar and singing. Sure makes me write good. Ha. Ha.

Good bye From Felix.

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