who the heck likes to go to bed by light

April 4, 1944
Dear Ann,

I received your letter today. Just write to Ben as I will fill this out to you. You both wrote such nice long letters.

“By Joe” I certainly was surprised when I looked at that clipping about Harold Stahl. The last time I saw him he was so much in love with Helen Fix that girl from Monroe. Now look he married a gal from Frisco. (Saw my leg off here) ha ha Gosh he is so lucky still stationed Calif. I wonder if he knows he is in the Army.

Yes most of the bombing come at night. Every now and then they come regular every night. Lately they haven’t been over, the other night we had to get up as they was passing over – nothing happened. They don’t usually come this way much.

Gosh our time was set ahead one hour I don’t like it. Don’t get dark till about 10:30 and we have to be in bed by 11:15 who the heck likes to go to bed by light.

From Felix

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