How do you look in your glasses?


Dear Ben,

I received two letters from you this week.

The air mail and Vmail, I got so many letters this week. Three or four nearly every day. Now I suppose I won’t get many for about a month.

I wonder if I still have my car or maybe you sold it already. Gosh they sure must be high if you can get $700 or $800 for it. Certainly surprised me. But more the better.

How do you look in your glasses? Are they hard to get used to?

So Leslie got another stripe he must be in a good outfit. O haven’t heard from him for a long time. How is Mr. Lowe making it is he there by himself?

Did Frank Skampoo go to Al Stephold funeral? I was glad to here he looked good.

I am having a pretty good Easter but know eggs. How many did you eat?


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