no passes tonight in the ETO

How do you look in your glasses?

England April

13, 1944

Dear Ann,

I just wrote a letter to Sonny Bigelow so while I am in the mood I will answer your letter. I got it today. I lost Sonny’s address so I did not write to him for three or four months, Today I got a letter from Harold Geartner, he send me his address, so I got busy and wrote to him.

Boy oh Boy. They certainly must be strict on sending packages only five ounces over and they send it back, I don’t think much of that.

I was surprised to see that clipping of Bud Skampo never dreamed he was in the services, never thought he was that old, But if I stop and think I am gone for over two and half years so I guess that is the reason.

I wrote to Thelma not so long ago guess I will have to write again.

The weather is nice rather warm. This morning as we was going to the gun range I noticed lot of the trees were starting to bud out, also lot of the fruit trees are in bloom.

There are no passes tonight in the ETO so I suppose most of the boys will catch up on there writing, or maybe card playing.

I go dancing more often than I did, about twice a week. I have been having more fun maybe because I know more of the girls. Wish I had my car here so I could ride them home instead of walking.

I suppose the boys and Ben are busy with the spring work.

Is it very wet this spring?

Boy I feel so hungry for an apple or something of that effect. I’ve been sorta hungry all day even though I did get enough to eat.

I get so tired of eating the same routine over and over.

The days are so long now gets dark about ten or after, yes about 10:30. I don’t like quite so much light only one way it helps we don’t have to put the black outs up so early.

Well this will be all for this time.From Felix

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