Now that you sold my car I suppose the war will end soon, I hope so


April 15, 1944

Dear Ben,

Received your letter this noon, was glad to here that you are all well, as for me I am fine also.

So my car is gone. Gosh almost made me sad, but at the price you got I am very much pleased we were all laying around at the time I got the letter so I told the fellows about you selling my car, they thought the price was good. I suppose it will be hard to buy a car after the war.

I should be used to walking so that should not bother me.

What did you do take some money from your own pocket to pay Stanley? You should have used my money. It probably caused you plenty of trouble as it was. Oh yes! Be sure to thank Stanley for me.

We had a inspection of our guns and barracks this morning first inspection we had for some time. Now we are supposed to get passes this afternoon. But if they don’t hurry the afternoon will be half over, oh well there isn’t much going out in the P.M. Any-how. Tonite I am going to a dance.

I got a letter from Garnet to day. Don’t know what got into her almost every week I get a letter from her. She writes a nice letter so I like to here from her even asked me what I wanted her to send me. Nice offer Eh. I suppose you are busy as heck this time of year, are you having a wet spring this year?

Did Lee keep that shot gun? Or did he sell it?

Now that you sold my car I suppose the war will end soon, I hope so.

Well good bye for this time.

Your Bro


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