and told me who this Burton was

Vmail from ann


April 23, 1944

Dear Ann,

Looking through my back mail I found several of your letters that I haven’t answered. I believe the last time I wrote to you was Easter or couple days after.

There isn’t much news, everything is runing about the same. I am feeling fine as I guess thats all that counts.

So that one letter of mine was cut up a bit, you can see why I don’t like to write.

So you found a girl that would make me a good partner. Ha. Sounds like she is good looking. By george, I will have to start looking for some little creature pretty soon I will be so darn old nobody will want me. Ha. Ha.

Oh Yes! I was glad you wrote and told me who this Burton was. That Ben sold my car to. Ben wrote and just said Burton not till you wrote and said I went with his daughter, then I finely come too.

I got a letter from Garnett today. Also two Monroe papers. So now I will take time out to read them. As ever Felix.

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