Now that you sold my car I suppose the war will end soon, I hope so

England April 15, 1944 Dear Ben, Received your letter this noon, was glad to here that you are all well, as for me I am fine also. So my car is gone. Gosh almost made me sad, but at the price you got I am very much pleased we were all laying around at the Read more

How do you look in your glasses?

VMAIL Dear Ben, I received two letters from you this week. The air mail and Vmail, I got so many letters this week. Three or four nearly every day. Now I suppose I won’t get many for about a month. I wonder if I still have my car or maybe you sold it already. Gosh Read more

wish they could flavor it with caraway seed

England March 12, 1944 Dear Ben, Finished doing my washing this morning so now I will do some writing. It is a nice day, pretty warm the sun is out so it is a nice bright day. Gosh we sure can not sick on the weather lately. Some of the early trees are starting to Read more

don’t forget to mention how many you missed

Dear Ben + All I received your Vmail Friday was glad to hear from you. I want to thank you for renewing my insurance on my car. I thought about it some time ago but then I forgot all about it so I am glad you took care of it. Well I suppose you have Read more

there is nothing like Mich beer

Dear Ann, Well I am on guard again today. A little different guard all I done this morning was rode on a truck with my gun and had to watch two prisoners. We were hauling coal for the barracks. Some of the prisoners are sorta tough and some are not so bad. Most of them Read more