they picked me and a friend of mine for K.P.

Dear Ben, Helen, all

I will start this letter tonight but it is late, so I no I won’t finish it. There are two fellows sitting right next to my bed they keep talking to me, and if they aren’t I keep listening to them, half the time I don’t no what I am writing about.

I got your box and also Helen’s letter with the $1.00 and the stamps.

Gee thanks a lot for both of them, and thank Ruth and Rich very much for the cookies and cake, also your [Mothers], I thought it was awful nice of them.

The Box came right on the right day I got it Sun Morning way out there where we were guarding. That noon we left back for Ft Lewis, a 180 mile ride on trucks there was 18 of us fellows in the back of the truck so I took the box and we ate it all up on the way.

Boy I got more things this year. Oh! Yes Sun morning I got your Box and 7 letters some were cards. I got them all at once.

Sat I got a box of cookies from Dorothy “Davis” Wittman.  Must be she think more of me now than when I went with her. Ha. Ha

Today I got a box from Ray Meyer the fellow I worked with at Hills he sent me a set of everything, shaving cream, razor blades, tooth paste, hair tonic, shampoo, foot powder, comb, shaving cream, face lotion, finger nail clipper, 2 bars of candy. A box of 50 cigarettes and a package of gum. Boy its real nice but I don’t hardly no what I will do with it if we have to move around as much as we did for the last thru week.

We are suppost to stay here here at Ft Lewis for about 2 weeks then as far as I no we will go out some where and guard.

Today I got a box of candy and cookies from that girl I met up north that time Wayne, Harold B and I went up, her name is Lou [Malet] You send me a letter up here that she send out home, she didn’t no I was in the army. In fact I didn’t write to her for about a year. I send her a card from Sylvia that time Clint and I were there. Any how I wrote her a letter back after I got that one from her. Boy! Was I suprise when I got her box.

Also today I got a long letter from John W. He said I had a box there from Ann. That they were sending to me that same day but I didn’t [unreadable] today so I suppose I will get it tomorrow.

Gosh the first day back and they picked me and a friend of mine for K.P. There were about 10 of us K.P.s today as they had lots of pans from the trip while we were out guarding there were 4 fellows working all day long got done 8:00 P.M. “what a day”

I’ll have to keep busy answering letters for a while till I catch up.

I got Ann letter and money she sent me

The weather here is better now it stopped raining since Christmas it is quite cold. Around 20 or 25 above. At night now snow only up in the mountains. I wish you could have saw that 180 miles we went over yesterday. Nice Country. But I’ll still take Michigan. I got you a card so I will mail this with the card. “more on the card.”

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