Dear Ben and All

Jan 10, 1942

Dear Ben and All

Read your letter yesterday, was glad to here that you are feeling better and that everything else is on the up and up.

That was a nice picture of the kids. Jim looked nice, seems as if he grew quite a bit.

Everything is running along about the same here. Some days everything runs along smooth everybody seems to be happy. Then again we run into days that are hell. Nothing seems to be done right. Everybody is down in the dumps. Sat and Sun was one of those blue days. About 3 o’clock in the afternoon the Captain called us all into the Barracks and told us we were confined for the week end that no pass would be given out. Because the general come around one day last week and found some dust on the walk. And fingerprint marks. So all day Sunday we had to wash walls, scrub floors wash windows. Also some of us had to wash trucks. But it turn out ok. Monday the general inspected again, and said that was the best the barracks ever looks. So they gave us Monday afternoon off from 1:00 in the afternoon till 1:00 that night.

So that fellow from Flint and I took a bus to Seattle about 50 miles from here, I looked up Ida Huletz. But she doesn’t live there on 1629 Harvard Ave. Ave I did look in the telephone book and found Helen Hueltz name there I could have called her up but I wouldn’t have none what to talk about over the phone. I hate to talk over a phone and it was raining hard and getting late so we started back for camp. Then we stopped in Tacoma and had a few beers in a night club. Also three dances. I enjoy it for I wasn’t any where for quite some time.

Its still raining out still keeps raining most of the time althou we haven’t had much fog lately and its not very cold it hasn’t froze for nearly three weeks.

It sounds like you are having a rough winter back home this year.

I’ll be damned if that Sagan family isn’t having a heck of a time won’t be long before they will all be killed on the roads there must be only Mary, “if she don’t die” ha. And Edward left, or is there more?”

So Art would like a little of my help on the potatoes, Tell him I would be glad to handle those 100 lb sacks and have a drink of wine once in a while.

How do you like this new War time? * They sure got us up early that first morning after the time was change. We go up 6:00 now by the new time. What time do you get up?
*In 1942 Congress passed a national daylight savings time  to conserve energy for the war effort.

That sure was some thing about Katherine and [Gaylan]. Ann wrote and told me a few days ago. So I all ready new the town gossip.

You must be having quite a time with your tooth. Who is pulling them for you?

Charley Cole must have some farm now with 12 here.

How many cows are you milking? I got a nice letter from Milton Stoll, the other day, that was the second one.

Well its nearly supper time so I guess I will sign off. Hope they have something good to eat.

The eats are not too bad. Some times its good then again once in a while not so good.


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