This is the fogeyest state I have ever seen

Jan 16, 1942

Dear Ben and All.

How are you all? I am fine.

This is Fri night and its always a mad house on Fri. For we always have to get everything clean up for Sat inspection. And boy I mean cleaned up. They sure are strick here in this camp every thing has to be just so.

The weather has been quite warm here lately just barley freezes at night. This is the foggyest  state I ever seen its fogey almost all the time. You can’t see a light in 10 ft.

They had a dance last night for the 803 TD in our reck hall. The Captain made us all go that was ok with me. But some of the fellow that didn’t dance put up a awful holler.

Our Captain in sorta funny Nobody likes him.

Say it must be awful cold there this winter. When you said is was 12 below I was almost glad that I wasn’t there. ha.

Gee Whiz you sure made good on the old sows: How are the fall pigs coming. I hope you make good on them.

I’ll bet you will look sweet with your tooth out. ha.

We had deer meat to eat the other day. It was pretty good. I suppose it was the deer they found in the woods. I mean doe.

I don’t know much news or nothing much happen in the last couple of weeks. The only fellows that I no here from around home are Marvin Sommers and that Strack boy, but they are in Co. C so I don’t see them very  often.

Who pops the popcorn now that I am gone. ha. ha.

I can’t seem to think of anything to write tonight. So good bye until next time. Felix.

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