I’ll sure be glad when I can wash my car instead of these trucks.

Dear Ben and All!

How are you all feeling?  I am still ok. Even with out a cold. I can’t figur it out, me with out a cold.

I am mad this morning it is Sun 9:30 o’clock. They just made us put our over-halls on and we have to go out and wash trucks. The hell of it is they don’t need washing it makes me so disgusted.  After you do wash them they don’t shine, they are such a dead color. I’ll sure be glad when I can wash my car instead of these trucks.

Say! That sure was some dream you had. I very seldom dream but last night I had a better one than you did I believe.

Anyhow I dream that you bought Royal Ford farm and you and I were fussing around tearing down some of the old building and we were going to make Wonders of the farm.

Then my dream switch to Marie [Upell] that she died and I was going to the funeral to the Oak Grove school yes and I was riding on a motorcicle never drove one before what a time trying to shift into low gear one Summerfield. “The End.”

So you are going to buy Daniel ‘s potato grader. I think its a good idea. Then you won’t have to worry about taking it back.

Is Art still working in Petersburg?

That too bad about Bob W. I suppose it will set him back again.

You must have your hands full doing his chores and your own. I suppose the pups are getting big. Do they bark. Will they sound like Jerry.

Good bye until next time. Felix

[on a smaller scrap of paper]

a boy friend of mine got 7 days K.P. Yesterday during inspection he had a dirty shirt hanging up. Boy I mean you have to keep everything right up to snuff.

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