they think some body has been stealing gas.

Dear Ben.

Read your letter this noon. Was glad to here you feel better. Also got the Petersburg paper. I didn’t get it for the last two weeks. Harry Faling had it address wrong. I am going to write him a card when I finish this letter and give him my correct address.

The weather has been quite nice for the last couple of weeks. The Sun is out today and it quite warm about 45 or 50 degrees.

I don’t have to do any thing to day because I was on guard last night. I had to guard the “motor pool” the trucks, I was a extra guard. There will be extra guards each night from now on for they think some body has been stealing gas.

They park all the trucks of our C.O.  across the street in a woods, park them under trees so they cant be seen from the air.

About my income tax. I won’t worry about it very much if I were you. I will have 6 month to pay it after I get out of Army. So I surely I am not going to pay it now. Maybe by that time I wont have too.

I’ll bet you are good looking with your teeth out. ha.

So Hazel Cole had a 3 day wedding. Who the heck did she marry any way to have such a affair? Must be he has money.

I had a light stomach ach all day to day so its a good thing I don’t have to do any thing.

write soon. Felix.


Verl Gensler is here in the same camp. About 2 miles from me. I didn’t see him yet, but I wrote to him and he answer.  So if I can get over there some how or some times I will be glad to see him. He said he would try to come and see me if could get away. It is so darn hard to get any where I would have to get a pass first before I can go.

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