Feb 17, 1942

Dear Ben,

Well we are back in Ft. Lewis Wash again, we were suppose to stay out  on the coast for about 3-5 week. Bu Sunday P.M. They said pack up and be ready to move back in one hour. So here we are, I guess some Inf outfit is out there now.

The weather has been real nice for the last week and today it looked like rain so I suppose it will probably start tonight.

There has been talk that we will be transferred to Texas.

I kinda think we might be bet not for a while yet, any how I hope so

I am getting so I don’t like to stay in one place over a month.

Say Ben about my income tax. I guess you will have to fine out for me how much money I made before I can fill it out. You can send me that little book I keep my time in but that wont be enough. I don’t no for sure if that is any where near right.

So I’ll tell you ask Leslie Lowe if he can fine out how much I made working for Dave Tyler. I think he can fine out easyer than you could. He will no who to ask. Tell him I will buy him couple of beers when I get home. ha.

Then when you take potatoes to Dundee stop over to Walter Relle. And fine out how much I make there it wont be much but I suppose I will have to no.

No I suppose I won’t have to pay any? I hope not.

Don’t forget to send my little time book. I want to check with it.

I just moved from one Barracks to another I was in the 1st and now I am in the 3th. I don’t like it in this Barrack. But there is nothing a fellow can do if they make up there mine to move you. Although I may get a better set up out of it.

I will close for now its so hard to write on a book. Sure will be nice to sit by a table to write. Your Bro Felix

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